How to enter Fitness Depot during non-staffed hours?

When joining online for any Fitness Depot location, to gain access please come by during staffed hours.
To gain access we will scan your finger the first day you come into the facility. This is how you will access the gym during staffed and non-staffed hours.


Meridian: (Mon.-Fri. 5am-10pm) (Sat. 7am-9pm) (Sun. 12pm-6pm)

Laurel: (Mon.- Thur. 8am-9pm) (Fri. 8am-6pm) (Sat. 10am-2pm) (Sun. 1pm-5pm)

Ellisville: (Mon.- Thur. 10am-8pm) (Fri. 10am-2pm)

Columbia: (Mon.- Thur. 8am-8pm) (Fri. 8am-2pm) (Sat. 10am-2pm) (Sun. 1pm-5pm)

What payments are accepted at Fitness Depot

We accept checking/savings account (ACH) withdrawals. Debit/credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) are also accepted for a +$3.00 monthly fee.

Is there an age requirement to join?

You must be at least 10 years old and have signed parental approval. Signed parental approval is required for all persons aged 10-16 years old.

Any minor child between the ages of 10-15 will be required to participate in a mandatory Fitness Depot Equipment Class in order to show competency and safe use of the gym equipment BEFORE being able to participate in workouts.
While at Fitness Depot all minor children aged 10-15 must be accompanied by their parent/guardian while on the premises.

How do I cancel my auto draft payment?

You must come into one of our fitness depot locations and complete a 30 day notice of cancellation. A written 30 day notice of cancellation is required for any cancel request. Phone calls are not a valid form of cancellation.

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions concerning your account, please submit a support ticket, and we will be in touch within 48 hours.