Meet Our Class Instructors

Diann T. Sollie Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Diann T. Sollie
Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

American Sports and Fitness Association Certified

Long time fitness advocate. Former bodybuilder including winning the Mississippi State Championship in two categories and have completed and placed in numerous other competitions. Diann has also rode bicycles and competed in various bike races and placing in events like the Mississippi State games. The love of weights has set the tone for her continuing to work out and sharing her skills and knowledge through personal training and teaching fitness classes. Diann has taught a variety of classes including: boot camp, tabata, weightlifting, high intensity interval training, step and cardio based classes. Diann is retired from Meridian Community College where she served as the Social Sciences and Business division chair and taught both criminal justice and sociology. She holds as Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Educations degrees.

Sarah Sanders Group Fitness Instructor

Sarah Sanders
Group Fitness Instructor

Find your own fitness.
Here’s what looks like for me.

I was never a “gym person”, but in June of 2016, I decided to join the gym with my husband and see what it was all about... and I hated it. I’d spend a few minutes on the treadmill, elliptical, do a few machines, felt uncomfortable and insecure, couldn’t ever get into it. Then in August of 2016, was invited to a group fitness class, and I loved it. I felt like group fitness classes were my ticket to becoming a “gym person”. What an understatement that is. I became certified by SCW in group exercise training in January of 2018. Since then I’ve taught Tabata, suspension, and bootcamp. I love the atmosphere of group classes. I’d seen my own personal results and wanted to start teaching and help others reach their fitness goals. I think it’s important that we celebrate personal successes- whether it be a few inches off the waistline, pounds lost, or mastering a new movement.

Casey Griffith Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Casey Griffith
Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

I’m Casey Griffith and I am recently certified through FiTOUR to be a group instructor, a personal trainer and also in advanced personal training. I look forward to working with you and helping you accomplish your goals!

Pat Garnett Group Fitness Instructor

Pat Garnett
Group Fitness Instructor

Hello! I'm Pat Garnett and I'm a certified Zin Zumba Instructor since May 2015. I love teaching Zumba classes, every class feels like a party, so come and join me I guarantee you will have a blast.

Ruby Mata Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Ruby Mata
Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

My name is Ruby! I am 24 years old, and I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Zumba instructor. I have been surrounded by fitness and sports my entire life, and because of that, I enjoy helping others reach their fitness goals no matter how small.

Kim Smith    Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Kim Smith

Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

My name is Kim Smith. I am 45 years old and decided I needed to change my life and health in August of 2016. When I was younger I was always active and grew up taking dance and later became a dance instructor. Fast forward 20 years and 2 kids later I needed to do something just for me to be the healthiest person I could. It was a struggle, but I fell in love with fitness! I lost 50 pounds and have maintained it for 3 years. I am an ACE certified personal trainer, as well as certified to teach Group fitness classes, Pound, and active aging classes. I look forward to helping you meet your fitness goals!

Stephanie Harris Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Stephanie Harris
Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Women’s Fitness Specialist

SCW Group Fitness Instructor 

I currently live in Meridian with my husband and son.  I have an Associates degree from MCC and a Bachelors of Social Work degree from MSU.  I’m a Licensed Social Worker and currently work as a Case Manager with the elderly and disabled.  Growing up I was not athletic and wouldn’t have dreamed of working out.  My weight has always fluctuated. After I had my son in 2008 I was a stay at home Mom and at my largest and very unhealthy.  I knew my family deserved for me to be healthy and happy so I made a change.  I joined a gym, met with a trainer twice a week and fell in love with running and working out.  Now I’m a certified AFAA Personal Trainer and a NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist.  I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor with SCW as well as an Advanced Functional Pilates Instructor.  I’m a certified Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor.  I have taught Spin, Spin and Sculpt as well as other Spin Fusion classes, Indoor and Outdoor Bootcamps, Pilates, Cardio Core, Sculpt, Suspension and Boxing.  I’ve ran numerous events.  I’ve placed in many 5k races, won overall female in a 10k and ran over 23 half marathons as well as the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. I love to see people accomplish things they couldn’t do or never thought they could do. I love seeing people reach goals and set new ones.  None of us are the same but that’s what makes us awesome.  And I can’t wait to see what’s in the future.